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Anonymous: "Could you make some more gifs from the transcendence trailer, pretty please? :)"

Oh sure! But uh.. is there anything specific you’d like to see? I suck at choosing what to gif ha.

fincher-nolan: "your blog is amazing <3"

Why, thank you! I think yours is amazing too :)

red-rage-rawr: "TAG! YOU'RE IT! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favourite blogs and tell them they're it!"
  1. I talk to myself in english even though it’s not my first language.
  2. I’ve never been to the hospital (aside from when I was born or when I’m visiting others).
  3. I could eat potatoes for the rest of my life.
  4. I’ve never dyed my hair.
  5. I taught myself to play the piano.
  6. I’ve seen my two favorite bands live.
  7. I met Laurie Holden a week ago.
  8. The opening scene of 28 Weeks Later is my favorite opening scene of that genre (if that makes sense).
  9. Batman and Iron Man are my favorite superheroes.
  10. I hate cherries and anything cherry flavored.